Little would have people thought that the venture would be a success, when the then Saudi king decided to start Saudi airline services using one and only one aircraft in the mid 1940’s. The interesting fact is that even the airline DC-03, sole aircraft used in the beginning, was a gift to him from American President Roosevelt. Today, when you look at the company, it is one of the largest names in the world. With its ability to provide its customers with airline connectivity to round about 90 international destinations, it is one of the most preferred airlines too.

Apart from concentrating on the international map, Saudi airlines have laid enough emphasis on making sure that they provide enough airlines in the Middle Eastern and African regions. This would be the reason that the number of Saudi airlines flights to Damascus, Istanbul, Lebanon, and Morocco would be definitely more in number, when you compare the data of other airlines in these regions with Saudi airlines. The size of Saudi airlines is enormous. The fleet size is around 137 and it is a collection of Airbus edition and Boeing edition aircrafts and that too the most modern ones. The situation is that few of the small airlines companies can add up their number of aircrafts and then equal the number of Saudi airlines aircrafts. This itself has been the reason that there are lot many Saudi airlines flights to Damascus.

The city of Damascus is the capital of the country Syria and also happens to be the second largest city in the country. If you were to go by the facts, it is one of the most oldest cities to have registered human activities, which makes it a place of great importance considering the religious and cultural heritage. This is one major reason that it is a famous tourist location. Saudi airlinesflights to Damascusone of the major airline services at the Damascus international airport. The city houses lots of mosques and cathedrals inside its walls. Al-Merjeh square, the National Museum, the Al-Fayhha Sports complex etc are some of the other important places. Plus the brilliant architecture that you get to see in this city cannot be found anywhere else in the world. This also has been one of the reasons for the success of Saudi airlines flights to Damascus. Thousands of people come to this city, every year as tourists, to explore its non-surveyed terrains.

Its historical and cultural structures, remains and ruins bring in vast number of tourists to this land every year and Saudi airlines flights to Damascusare your best air travel partner. Because only Saudi airlines flights to Damascus provide you the best pre-booking and post booking options, on board entertainment facilities, international cuisine menus had hospitality. Things would not get any better for you than this on any other airline.

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