Although Taif often does not occupy a place in one’s holiday itinerary yet people who have been to this wonderful city of Saudi Arabia would vouch of its magnificence. To make your tour most pleasurable it is important that the mode of transport chosen by you does not pose any inconvenience during the journey. Hence if you choose Saudi Airlines to Taif, you can be certain of reaching this place in the most convenient way. Most people choose to do their Saudi airlines flights to Taif over the internet and online booking is easier and quite hassle free. The payment option is very flexible and not much of time is also consumed in the entire process. You can easily book the tickets even if you are doing online booking for the first time.

Saudi airlines are one of the oldest names in the history of airlines. When a DC 03 aircraft was gifted to the Saudi king by the American President Roosevelt, the king decided that the flight would be used for starting airline travel from the country. The whole airline grew from that single aircraft. As of today, the fleet consists of around 139 aircrafts, covering round about 90 destinations all across the world, under its services. One important fact that has played an important role in the development of the airline is that equal importance has been laid upon the domestic circle too. This is the reason that you find so many Saudi airlines flights to Taif.

Temperature of Taif

The temperature of Taif is although quite favorable but if you do not want to experience very sunny weather, it is best to avoid the month of April. This city has many places worth watching and the prime among them is the Al Wahbah crater. This is one of the most important tourist attractions of Taif. Besides, there are many shopping malls which are a true delight to shop in. People who enjoy shopping would certainly find Taif a very good destination. The amusement parks and monuments are also worth mentioning. Your Saudi airlines flights to Taif would land at the local airport, which is not far from the city, thus easing your travelling woes. Al Rudaf Park, Wadi Mitna, Subhra palace, Turkish Fort, Al Shafa etc are the most famous tourist destinations here.

Jeddah To Taif Flight Schedules

Riyadh to Taif Flight Schedules


Hotels in Taif

There are some luxurious hotels for you to stay comfortably. Every luxury can be availed of at these hotels and if you are not short of money, you can enjoy your tour in the most eclectic way. Saudi Airlines flights to Taif is a very good option for all those desirous of visiting this splendid city of Saudi Arabia and talking about Saudi airlines flights to Taif, one would be really astonished with the services and amenities that the company provides at such small rates.


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