Are you looking for buying air tickets online? Saudi Airlines will provide you with such a facility. Here you can buy your air ticket at your home, just using your Android or Smartphone. Airlines authority will ensure your seat booking. It is really offered their customer cheapest price of air tickets in national and international flights. If you looking for a little bit inexpensive airfares this airlines is for you. It will ensure your data-safety and will provide you with the opportunity to reach destinations in anywhere of the world. The airline makes a ticket booking system extremely convenient for you to book airlines Ticket through their website, and pay from your virtual card.

Online Check-in:

Online Check-in is for all domestic and several types of international flights. Online Check-in is for all travelers holding a confirmed as well as valid e-Ticket provided by Saudia. E-ticket is available at any time up to one and half hour immediate previous time of an International flight. In case of an international flight, the e-ticket is started to distribute immediately before 48 hours of the fight. Necessary particulars of travel must be entered in the airline booking record in order to issue the boarding card. It is urgently needed to revise and check the relevant documents of travelers at least before several hours, although it is the responsibility of airlines authority. Saudia airline is responsible for the passenger’s information and relevant documents provided by him. As per rule, online check-in closes nearly 1 hour immediately before the scheduled flight. But in case of domestic flight time may be extended to 1.5 hours.

Delicious Meals:

As per rule, passengers of the airline enjoy delicious meals made according to different cuisines, like- European, North American, Asian, etc. There is an available supply of Drinks and meals. Price of such drinks and meals are included in the price of the airline’s ticket. These in-flight cuisines are made according to the most scientific way and are examined by the expert of food science. Business class travelers have a special offer regarding meal, which is a three-course menu. From the three-course menu offered to them, they have the opportunity to select from that menu. Travelers can ask for tea or Cardamom-infused coffee, or any kinds of soft drinks.


How to book online:

Today many people want to buy airlines ticket without going to any place physically. Saudia will provide such opportunities to buy airlines ticket online. For booking Saudia’s ticket online, you have to go to the homepage of Saudia’s website. Then you will find a list of destination from which aircrafts started to fly, and in which destination the aircraft will go. You have to select your desired destination and your desired classes of flight. Here you have to mention all necessary needfuls, like- special needs, carriage, etc. Then you have to fill up the booking form with your details. After that, you have to make payment for your desired seats. But your visa information is not mandatory to provide here. Saudia authority will send your e-ticket details to your email, by which you have filled up the booking form. For details, you may contact the authority by clicking on “contact us” option of Saudia’s website. They will respond to your query as soon as possible. You may contact there without any hesitation.

Loss of Ticket:

If your ticket is lost or somehow defaced partly or fully, it will not so many concerning matter for you. Upon your request, Saudia authority will replace such tickets with maintaining all relevant regulations. But note that, the ticket of Saudia must not be transferred to another person. If you do so, Saudia shall not take responsibility for your ticket. Because security provisions should be maintained. It is also applicable in the case of doing such a thing in good faith. Your ticket must be carried and presented only by yourself. In the case of validity, there are three positions. That is – a ticket will remain valid for carriage through Saudia, Another is it will be valid for only 1 year after starting of travel, the other or if it remains unused it will be treated as valid. But remember that Saudia has options to refuse for any kinds of refundment if your ticket is expired.

Money Back Guarantee:

Saudi airline offers an exclusive money back guarantee shown on its website If any person willing to travel with Saudia Airline and buy its ticket, he will get a money-back guarantee on his purchase. on the demand of himself. For details, you may visit Saudia’s website. There you will find a thorough description of the purchase and money back guarantee. Generally, Saudia announces promotional offers on sales in holidays, and on black Fridays. Best offers displayed on the “sales and clearance page” of the website.

A top-notch Website:

Saudia authority maintains its top-notch website on this website, every single issue relating to flight or ticket booking is clearly mentioned. even how you may buy the tickets or how you may refund it – is also clearly shown on the website. The up-to-date offers are also given on the website. So there are a large number of visitors on it. Besides all the pieces of information divided Saudia has got a button called contact us in where you may contact with Saudia for any of your quarries and they will reply as soon as possible. The website of Saudia is the most helpful instrument for Saudia’s passengers.

Passengers Information:

Every airline of the world collects different types of information from their passengers or travelers. It is for their safety even Several pieces of information are necessary for their flight. But Saudia is very careful to keep such information from being leaked. They do not disclose information to any unauthorized person. Because there is some important information like virtual card details, personal details of passengers. Saudia maintains an online database of every passenger. But there is no record of passengers information leakage throughout Saudia’s history. Even passengers feel safe to give their personal information to Saudia. Even they book air tickets online. There is no record of hacking of Saudia’s website or any leakage of personal information of its passengers.

Prohibited substances:

The passengers are allowed to travel with Saudia with their needfuls, but several types of substances are not allowed to carry with any passenger of Saudia. Suppose any installed alarm device, or any explosive substance, or any corrosive elements which may cause any harm to passengers. Such things are totally prohibited to carry with. It is for the safety of Saudia and Saudia’s passengers. if any passenger wants to carry such thing in good faith or without any bad intention, Saudia authority will take the legal initiative against such passengers. Here the intention of the passenger is not important, but the important thing is that which things he is kept or carried. If the thing is prohibited, airlines authority will not allow such passengers to get

the boarding pass and will take the legal initiative against such person according to Saudi Arab State law. The list of prohibited things is clearly shown on the website of Saudia.

Security checking:

it is important to note that the Middle East is the most war-torn part of this world. But an important thing is that Saudi airlines are free from any danger of such war or any of such aggression. Because Saudia airlines maintain a high standard of security measures. All the passengers are checked by their security personnel manually and through electronic scanner machine. So all passengers or travelers are safe here. Besides this, Saudia has many security staff to tackle any extraordinary situation. For this reason, Saudia didn’t face any attack throughout its history. Even Saudia does not permit a person to travel with their aircraft who has an infamous past of terror act.

Rules regarding children:

Any children of 2 to 12 years of age may travel with any of their guardians of at least 16 years of age. But for every child, there have to have regular passengers seats. There will have the arrangement of separate seats of every child. In case of a child under 2 years of age, he or she may travel on the lap of parents or guardians. And in that case, an additional charge is applicable. A child may travel alone. The airline will take the responsibility of such unaccompanied child, from the handing over such child by his guardian to the airline’s authority.

Domestic booking:

The system of domestic booking is not the same that of international booking. Domestic booking is not refundable. Passengers cannot change the seat or schedule after ticket booking. But they may have desired seats, on the payment of an additional fee. 5% VAT will be charged on seat reservation fees or any other additional fees. The validity time of every cricket will be shown on the ticket. Generally, every ticket has one-year validity. If the ticket becomes invalid because of expired, Sausia is at liberty to refuse the refundment of such ticket.

Several advantages:

There are a lot of advantages which you will get in Saudia Airlines, and which is not possible to get in any other airlines. Saudia will provide you such meals which are legal or halal in Islam. The other airlines totally ignore this issue. For this reason, Muslims keep Saudi airlines at their first choice. There are a lot of airlines where the ticket booker is not allowed to get money back in case of refusal of flight. But in case of Saudia, they not only give you money back offers but also they will give you money back guarantee that means if you are refused to continue your

travel you will get the money which we wear to give in the time of ticket booking. Saudi arranges a special arrangement for disabled person, blind, deaf or physically handicapped person. Saudi has a child-friendly arrangement in every aircraft. even if children may travel with Saudia alone. The parents feel safe in it after handing over them to the airline’s authority. These are the advantages of Saudi which you will get for traveling with it.

The first choice of high-ups :

There are many international leaders, businessmen and many professionals who perform their Hajj and umrah almost every year. They keep Saudia airlines at their first choice. It is well known to all that Middle East is such a part of the world which is under the active supervision of world leaders. So world leaders or politicians have to visit the Middle East now and then. they use Saudia for their traveling. Saudia makes a special arrangement for such high-ups. Even they may arrange an additional flight for the convenience of those elite classes.

Customer service:

Generally, customers or travelers face various difficulties in the time of giving air-ticket orders. So all-time customer service with an efficient employee is a must. Saudia gives 24/7 customer service for the convenience of their passengers. Such customer services are providing through its website and through their office at Saudi. To visit their website or by going to their office travelers or the persons willing to travel may know about various pieces of information, like-flight schedule, baggage policy, running offers, visa selecting process, etc. A good number of officers appointed by the airline’s authority to give answers to the questions of all the customers. Foreigners may know about Saudia by going to Saudi consulate situated in their own countries.


If any of the travelers is dissatisfied with the behaviour of a cabin crew or any staff of Saudia, he may file a formal complaint against those, whose behaviour made him dissatisfied. Saudia generally takes such compliant with proper importance. And it is the general rules of Saudia that any complaint has to be resolved within 15 days on which the passenger has submitted the complaint. After getting the complaint in black and white, Saudia forms an inquiry committee to oversee the disputed matter. If the workers or stuff founds guilty fine may impose on him. But the arrangement of Saudia is of such nature that there is no need for filing complaint against its employees. Although Saudia keeps this provision to serve its passengers cordially.

Flight cancellation:

Generally, Saudia doesn’t cancel its scheduled flight. But in several extraordinary situations, Saudia compels to cancel the scheduled flight. If the flight is canceled then at first Saudia informs its customers about the cancellation with proper reason. And in that case, Saudia manages the flight with different aircraft of it. And in that flight requirements and arrangement of previous flights will be properly maintained. Even for some reason if the arrangement or opportunities of previous flight cannot be maintained then the customer will get extra money back.

Reservation Service:

It is for the process of reservation. This service is processed through Telephone calls. This service is used by the travelers themselves. Its aim is to ensure a quick and sure process of seat reservations. In a call for Reservation, the following information is requested to be said- Flight Destination, travel classes, exact date and time of travel, accompanying persons, etc. During such call, passengers will be given a certain time-limit fixed by the agent for buying air-tickets. During reservation call, you will be provided with a computer number for this purpose. You have to write down the number and to tell the number to the agent if you want to buy air-ticket through this process.

Private Aviation Unit:

Saudia provides a large number of private aircraft for the purpose of use of businessmen and some other company passengers. The aircraft has the capacity to load almost 400 passengers. It is well known to all that the Private Aviation Unit of Saudia achieves the public confidence in safety and security. It is also secure for your privacy. Saudia’s employees also offer the highest level of professionalism in Services and Catering. The Private Aviation Unit provides private aviation services and offers the possibility of flight in 24/7. These offers include all the necessary and mandatory trip preparations or requirements.

Flight delay status:

Sometimes for some technical difficulties or for other reasons flight may be delayed. Delay maybe in the time of starting or in the time of reaching the destination. Every passenger will be informed about the delay in starting in 30 minutes. that means if 30 minutes passes after scheduled time the passenger will be informed by airlines authority. In such an extraordinary situation if any passenger wants to cancel his flight or wants to fly with another aircraft, Saudia may arrange such flights. In such a situation, passengers stay in the airport compound, and in every compound where the aircraft of Saudia lands has sufficient arrangement for staying in

the compound. If Saudia arranges the flight with another aircraft all arrangement of previous flight will be maintained properly.

Umrah Visa:

Persons willing to perform Umrah may book their air ticket online, through Saudia’s website. Passengers holding Umrah visa may manage their seats at their heart’s content, according to their status. Airlines authority will provide the passengers with all necessary information through email, and sometimes through cell phone notification. Just, passengers have to fill up an umrah Visa form. If you want, you may arrange visa and other needfuls from their nearest Saudi consulate. Saudi consulates are very customer-friendly to arrange visa worldwide.

New Amenity kits:

The business of Saudia is expanding day by day, as the benefit of their customer-friendly service. in the middle of 2019, Saudia offers a price box to its customers, which is called Amenity kits, for those passengers who were traveling more than 7 hours in a flight with Saudia. In the new Amenity kits, there will be socks, toothbrush, and several other household things. Such gift boxes will be started to give regularly for regular customers. The system of giving gift boxes are attracting the customers to travel with Saudia, and to travel in a long time trip. In the future, the airlines will give more offers to their passengers for traveling with Saudia.

Compare to other airlines:

There are a large number of airlines in various countries. Some of these are old and some of these are new. But the service of all airlines is not the same. Service of an airline is dependent on their worker’s efficiency and passenger loading capacity of their aircraft. From this perspective, Saudia airline is in a good position. Because Saudia offers its customers a variety of flights in various destinations every day. Saudia offers a distinguishing feature of online booking, and payment through virtual cards, which is not possible in many new airlines. Saudia gives its customers a free customer service at any time of the day and night. Hajj and Umrah are some of the most important ceremonies of Muslims. Saudia offers Hajj and Umrah visa friendly services and all arrangement during Hajj and Umrah. This makes the airlines really airlines worth of traveling without any hesitation.

Rules regarding pets:

Saudia airlines allow flights by any passenger with his pets, like – his domestic cats or other small pets. But the mouth of such pets must be bound with a cage or other things. Which must be deemed safe to the other passengers or travelers. But in the case of travel with pets, a vaccination certificate is necessary. And if the pets are of such nature that it spread

communicable disease the pets are not allowed to fly with. An important thing is that generally dogs are not allowed, but dogs are allowed only for deaf and blind passengers. If the pets are of 5 kgs weight or more, an additional fee is also applicable. Search rules on pets are for only personal purpose. No business purpose ought to be served based on these rules. if anyone wants to travel with pets for his business purpose, he has to report to the airline’s authority. The authority will charge additional fees on such business. It should be borne in mind that the total responsibility of the pets will lie on the passengers who own the pets if any harmful incident occurs.

Conditions of Carriage:

Saudia Airlines follows the international standard in case of carriage rules. Saudia is a member of the international air transport association from 1967. So the airlines have its standard rule of carriage provided by the association. The airlines also follow the guidelines formulated by the Warsaw Convention and the Hague protocol. So carriage rules of Saudia are of international standards. If any person wants to commercially carry his goods or products, the airline may make the arrangement on payment of additional fees. she’s so there have clear guidelines on which goods navigate and which not Saudi Arab is an Islam ruling country that’s why any food prohibited in Islam or any product which is prohibited in Islam is unallowed to carry.

Passengers with disabilities:

There are some passengers who may physically handicapped for mentally in a vulnerable position. they are also allowed to travel with Saudia but if they need any special assistance they may inform the authority regarding the nature of assistance. The airline’s authority will provide such assistance based on their needs. Special cares are to be offered for any persons with disabilities. But the details of seeking assistance must be mentioned in the form and the airline’s authority has to have a clear idea about the person, who is disabled or physically handicapped.

Neat and Clean Environment- the most Attractive Feature:

The airline’s overall environment or the condition of every aircraft is neat and clean. A large number of cleaners and workers are working for this. Cleaners are at customer’s Beck and call. There is no scarcity of cleaners in Saudia. Generally cleaners are needed in the time of meals serving. For that reason, Saudia keeps the arrangement of cleaners in the time of serving meals. The passengers or travelers can travel with Saudia in a fully neat and clean environment. Even there are many airports in which Saudia’s aircraft lands. The environment of such airports is also neat and clean. Here you can stay hours after hours without any hesitation.

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