Saudi airlines were founded in the year of 1945 by the king of Saudi Arabia. The American president then, Mr. Franklin Roosevelt had presented a DC-3 aircraft to the then Saudi Arabian King. The king in turn, though of using this gift in productive manner and hence the idea of providing air travel facility was born. Today, after more than 50 years since it was established, Saudi airlines are one of the top most names in the airline sector and also one of the most favorite airlines of the people.


As of the latest facts, the fleet size of Saudi airlines today has already surpassed the figure of 135, which in itself is an amazing figure, consisting the latest aircrafts from Boeing and Airbus. With such large fleet at its disposal, Saudi airlines have been providing air travel services to around 90 destinations all across the world and that too, at proper frequencies and regular intervals. One key factor about Saudi airlines is that they are the best as far as air connectivity in Middle East and Africa is concerned. As a result, you would find Saudi airlines flights to Tunis, Cairo, Nairobi, Ankara etc and other prominent cities in African region. Moreover, getting your Saudi airlines flights for Tunis is a simple job altogether, given that all you need to do is go to the website and follow simple instructions.

Tunis is the largest city and also, as mentioned before, the capital of African country Tunisia and you can get your Saudi airlines flights to Tunisia done via the website. Tunisia is considered to be one of the most competitive as well as the fastest growing country in the continent of Africa. All the Saudi airlines flights to Tunisland at the Tunis-Carthage International airport. Tunis has been a region, which has seen many foreign conquerors, and hence you can find lot many styles in the architecture here. The Medina in Tunis is a world heritage site. Moreover, you can find lot many cathedrals and mosques within the city limits. The museum in Tunis has valuables that show the development of the region.

Tunis is one of the most visit regions of Africa. Once you land there from your Saudi airlines flights to Tunis or any other airline, you can check into the numerous hotels or villas. Once you have settled down, you can set out on your quest and start exploring the vibrant city and its beautiful people. You would have one of the most beautiful holidaying experiences of your live in this place and traveling with Saudi airlines flights to Tunis would only make the things better.


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