With a brimming fleet size of more than 135 aircrafts, Saudi airlines are one of the biggest names in the airline industry. The company was founded in the year 1945, by the Saudi Arabian king, providing air travel to passengers using the one single DC-3 aircraft which came as a gift to the Saudi king from the then American Preside Franklin Roosevelt. Saudi airlines work from their main base, which is the international airport in Jeddah. As the years passed, their business increased, which resulted in them forming sub-bases at the RUH and DMM international airports, for better efficiency and working.


With its enormous fleet, Saudi airlines cover round about 90 international destinations under its services. In addition, it has have been living up to the international standards or air travel, with care of each little thing being taken. One thing on which Saudi airlines have concentrated always is providing frequent airlines to its own neighboring gulf nations. Hence, you would find lot many Saudi airlines flights to Sharjah, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman etc, working on regular basis. As far as tickets bookings is concerned, you can refer to the website as far as your flights to Sharjah is concerned. Once can complete the whole procedure within a matter of few minutes over there.

Sharjah is the third biggest city or province of the United Arab Emirates. The whole area of Sharjah comes under the reign, rules and regulations of UAE. All the Saudi airlines flights toSharjah and the flights from other airlines land at the Sharjah international airport. In addition, Sharjah is one of the most visited regions as far as the Gulf countries are concerned, as it is an epicenter for art, culture and economy for UAE and due to this, it should not come as a surprise that there is a huge demand for Saudi airlines flights to Sharjah. Since it is very prosperous, you can find many five star and three star hotels in the city. Al Khan Lagoon, Buhairah Corniche, the American university etc are the main tourist destinations in Sharjah. In addition, it’s beautiful skyline and sky blue waters leave the visitors awestruck.

If you are thinking about flying to Sharjah, there is no better option than AIR ARABIA flights to Sharjah. The reason behind is that Saudi airlines flights to Sharjah follow simple routine, even simpler immigration and boarding pass issue process and above all, extraordinary on flight services and amenities, at the most cost-effective rates, which you would not definitely find with someone else.


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