Saudi Arabian airlines, managed by the government of Saudi Arabia, are undoubtedly one of the largest airlines in the world. Facts and figures state that Saudi airlines started its services as back as in the year 1945 and since then, have survived, and rather flourished in this trade. Today they bring in very important contributions to the economy of the country and with each passing year, its profits are just increasing and not showing any signs of fading. Moreover the foundation of the totally commercial and user-friendly airline industry that we see today was laid by Saudi airlines itself.


Talking about is size and strength, as it is one of the major companies in the world, its fleet is also equally large. As per the latest facts presented by the governing body, the total fleet size of the airline has touched the 135 mark already. Moreover we are talking about the larger Airbus and Boeing editions, which have the maximum passenger carrying capacity. Saudi Arabia and India share a very close political relationship, as India exports labour and they export oil to our country. Hence, you can find a number of Saudi airlines flights to Delhi, everyday, as Delhi acts as the capital of India and that is the reason that, with each passing year the frequency of Saudiairlines flights to Delhi is constantly increasing.

Delhi, as earlier said, is the capital of India, one of the forerunners in the developing nation category. It does not only have political importance, as this was the place from where the Moguls used to rule and later taken over by the British, this place has much to offer to a traveller’s senses. The first and foremost attraction would be the Red Fort, the host of national festivals’ celebration, built by the Moguls. Then you also have India gate, Lotus temple etc. one of the nation’s biggest airport, Indira Gandhi international airport is located here, where Saudi airlinesflights to Delhi usually land. Further you also have places like Humayun’s tomb, Qutub Minar Jama Masjid, Akshardham temple etc to visit, Jama Masjid being the largest mosque in India. Owing to such amazing places itself, Saudi airlines flights to Delhi is always in great demand. And then if you are in Delhi, how can you miss the food over here. It is the epicentre of Mogul cuisine and the heart of it lies in the streets of Delhi. It should not be a matter of concern that you are awestruck by the roadside chats, parathas and chicken. It is the soul of the city’s food culture.

Saudi airlines flights to Delhi have been rated amongst the best airlines that would take you to this capital city of India and it is not mere luck. It is all the effort that the Saudi airlines flights to Delhi puts in every sector of their work, just to make sure that every time a passenger steps out of their aircraft, he is completely satisfied and has nothing to complain about.


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