If you were to talk about airlines, you cannot afford to miss the name of Saudi airlines. They are one of the largest airline companies in the world today, having working experience of more than five decades. The company came in to existence in the year 1945, when the King of Saudi Arabia started the official air travel services using the one single DC-3 aircraft, which he had obtained as a gift from the American President Roosevelt. The extraordinary fact is that the airline company, which started with one aircraft today, has more than 135 aircrafts in its fleet. That is such amazing!

Around 90 international destinations are covered under the services of Saudi airlines, which lay emphasis on concentrating on each continent equally. As far as Africa is concerned, you can find lot many Saudi airlines flights to Sana’a, Cairo, Ankara, Nairobi and all other popular cities. In fact, there would be very less number of other airlines who provide such great connectivity to Africa when compared to Saudi airlines. Probably this is too one of the reason that Saudi airlines have achieved their enormous success, as they realized the potential in the African market and worked on it from day one. For Saudi airlines flights to Sana’a, one can go to the website and do the needy there. It is completely user friendly and safe and full of instructions and people would not have any trouble dealing with it.

Sana’a is capital of Yemen, one of the most prosperous countries of Africa and also one of the oldest cities on the planet, where humans have been living. UNESCO has declared it as a World Heritage Site and that is why it has turned out to be a major tourist attraction in Africa and due to this reason itself there are lot many Saudi airlines flights to Sana’a. All the Saudi airlines flights toSana’a land at the Sana’a international airport, the largest in the country. Among the most preferred tourist spots Bab Al-Yemen,Imam Yahya, Old city, Suq-al-Milh, Tahreer square etc are included. The city houses some magnificent architecture, takes the tourists to the epitome of sightseeing. Tourism also plays a very important part in the economy of Yemen and Sana’a.

Saudi airlines flights to Sana’a provide to you the best on board facilities that you could find on any airline at the most affordable rates ever. Moreover, you would not find any better airline to Yemen with such good booking facilities and on board menus for cuisine and entertainment. Therefore, once your Saudi airlines flights to Sana’ais done, all that you need to do is sit down and plan a blue print of your tour.

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