Saudi airlines were one of the key figures who started the revolution in the aviation sector. The scene, around few decades back in the airline industry was such that only a selected class of the society could afford to travel by air. This left the working class and the middle class without any option. Later the trend of globalization began and job opportunities started flowing in. Labour was required in Gulf countries and Asian countries were the main exporters. But travelling through the airlines used to cost a fortune to the majority of people. Hence ventures like Saudiairlines flights to Chennai and such cities were started, with a view of proving affordable air travel to such people.


With a history of service stretching for more than 50 years and a fleet of around 135 airlines consisting of Boeings and Airbuses under its belt, Saudi airlines are one of the big shots in the business. Saudi airlines have their main working centre at the international airport in Jeddah, but due to the increasing services, two sub bases have created at DMM international airport and RUH airport. Today, it stands holding its head high, with connectivity to around ninety destinations across the world. Much of its flight travels are directed to America, Asia and Europe. In Asian countries, Saudi airlines flights to Chennai, Singapore, Bangkok, and Honk-Kong etc are the major connections. Saudi airlines flights to Chennai, as a matter of fact, are one of the most frequent routes that is run by the company.

Chennai is one of the four metropolitan cities in India. It can easily be given the title of one of the major centres of art, music and culture of this country full of diversities. This city here has lots to offer to travellers who visit India as tourists and it is not a matter of surprise that Saudi airlines flights to Chennai is always full. There are numerous events pertaining to classical dance and well as music, being held in the city on regular basis. Plus you also have the famous Marina beach. Other places worth visiting include the Mahatma Gandhi museum, Santhome Basilica, Victoria hall, Ripon building etc. All these buildings have a touch of English architecture to them, for obvious reasons. Moreover, how can you miss tasting the amazing cuisine that Chennai has to offer? Rice and fish, the most common, yet is the most extravagant meal of this region.

In the beginning Saudi airlines flights to Chennai was started with a view of providing reasonable modes of airline travel to the not so rich people, who came to Saudi for work. But as the world became aware about the cultural importance of this city, it also turned into a tourist spot. And for the best air travel experience, you know you can only trust Saudi airlines flights to Chennai.







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