We have left behind the days, the ones in which we had to wait for ages in case we wanted to reach some place on the other side of an ocean or sea. And then we had the commencement of airline industry, which changed our lives forever. Gone are the days of seasickness and the dull rail lines. Today, whichever place you would want to go, the destination is always less than a day away. We have numerous airline companies these days, which give to you world class air travel.


Saudi airlines are amongst the world leaders of aviation. Working from the Jeddah international airport, it is the airline, run by the government of Saudi Arabia. The airline was founded sometime around 1945. Over the years, due to the constant efforts of the government as well as the royal family, the airline has grown remarkably. The number or air planes is its fleet, considering mainly of Airbus series and Boeing series is more than 130, and all of these work on both national and international scene. One important quality about Saudi airlines is that they provide extraordinary connection to African cities.

Algiers is the capital of the African country Algeria and Saudi airlines is the best way of reaching there. This country too, like its other African counterparts, has had to go through a series of rulers and independence struggle before they became stable. First, there were Spanish then came French and after these two, the independence war happened. However, all these gave significant inputs to the culture there. Algiers can be nothing less than a treasure house for people interested in art and handicrafts. The local markets are just amazing. Moreover, you cannot afford to miss the mosques and their beauties. Moreover, the African culture, and the food and all other things are too prominent in the city that for someone seeing pleasure, it would be the best place to be. All the Saudi airlines flights to Algiers, land at the main international airport, which is at the heart of the city, making things easier for someone who is new to the city. The major fact is that when you book tickets with Saudi airlines to Algiers, you would get some amazing onboard facilities.

Algiers is not much popular across the world as a tourism destination, but the city has a lot of things to offer to the seeker who might come here for pleasure and joy. So in case you were searching some place to visit, pack your bag, make your bookings to Algiers by Saudi airlines, and wait for the extravaganza to begin. Because if it is not Saudi airlines flights to Algiers, you are definitely missing something.


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