Saudi Airlines Online Ticket Booking


Want to travel in air at your convenience? Saudia Airlines is for you. Here you can enjoy all the benefits of a top-notch airline, in a customer-friendly and congenial environment. It offers you with the membership of 3 types, which are- Blue, Silver, and Gold. Opportunities will be entitled to you based on your membership status. You will have an easy opportunity to get free offers to fly when you travel more and more if you are of Blue membership. In order to qualify yourself for Silver membership, you have to obtain 25 thousand Status Miles. For having a Gold membership you have two options, one is to acquire 50 thousand Status Miles through this airline. And the other way is to travel at least 40 international locations within a year. Travel with the airline and enjoy exclusive offers.


An overview:

Saudi Arabian Airlines, commonly known as Saudia Airlines is the third largest airline in the Middle East. Its main operational base or primary hub is located at King Abdulaziz International Airport, situated in Jeddah. But, the secondary hub of it is situated in King Fahd International Airport located in Dammam. The secondary hub also situated in King Khalid International Airport located of Riyadh. It flies to many destinations inside and outside of the Middle East, Asian, European, African, and North American countries.

Saudia has gained the membership of the Arab Air Carriers Organization as honour and operates scheduled domestic and international flights to 125 destinations in home and abroad. This airline belongs the membership of the SkyTeam alliance and has code-share agreements with nearly 10 other airlines in and out of middle east.

Starting Episode:

In the year of 1945, the then U.S. President Roosevelt gives Douglas DC-3 Dakota to King Abdul Aziz as a gift after their historic meeting. Their historic meeting was arranged in the area of Suez Canal, on February 14, 1945. After the exchange of the gift, the DC-3 was used on routes between Riyadh, Jeddah, and Dhahran for the purpose of carrying passengers and cargo. After the starting of the journey, two more DC-3s were purchased by Saudi government within several months. In immediate following year In 1946, SAUDIA was set up as an operating agency under the authority of the Ministry of Defense. Haj pilgrims and other travelers were flown to Jeddah, Palestine and many other countries using this airline. After a few days, SAUDIA requested leave for charter flights for the destination of London. In the year 1947, the government purchased two more DC-3, and scheduled services were properly operated both Saudi and to regional destinations like- Cairo, Syria and many other places.

Gradual Development:

In 2000, the then Saudi Minister of Defense and Aviation, Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz Al Saud contracted to conduct research for the privatization of Saudi Airlines. For this purpose, the airline’s structure was changed. And they started to allow non-core units, like- catering, maintenance, ground handling services, etc. In the year of 2006, Saudia started the process of dividing. There were two parts- Strategic Business Units and the catering unit. The catering unit was the first to be privatized. In the next year, Saudi Arabia’s Council of Ministers gave the approval of the conversion of strategic units into a formal company. At the end of 2012, Saudia received 64 new jets. Among such jets, 6 were Boeing and 58 were Airbus.

Current Feature:

Nowadays the airline is among the top ten national airlines of the Gulf country- Saudi Arabia. Saudia obtained its place as a leader within the airline’s community after a very short time. Many international awards have been given to it for the recognition of its passenger-friendly service. Mass air-travelers rely on Saudia Airlines because of their friendly service. For the cause of their expanded network and flight services committed to their customers, the popularity of airlines and demand of its ticket have risen many times. Currently, Saudia Airlines has almost 147 aircraft. Aircraft of Saudia includes the most advanced and technologically fitted wide-bodied jets like- B777-300ER, B787-9, Airbus A320-200, B777-268L, Airbus A321, Airbus A330-300, etc.

Awards as Recognition:

It is a well-known view that awards carry the recognition of service. Throughout the previous years, Saudi Airlines has been awarded and honored by a good number of foreign airlines and several other authority. Popular magazines concerned in the aviation industry published columns regarding this airline. It is well known to all that awards are the sign of recognition of service. Throughout the previous years, Saudi Airlines has been awarded and honored by a good number of foreign airlines and several other authority. Popular magazines concerned in the aviation industry published columns regarding this airline. In 2000, “Merit Award” presented by the magazine “Services on the plane” of the United States was given to the airline. in 2014, The airline got “Best Internet and International Roaming onboard” award from “ONAIR” company. In 2013, The airline got “Best Airline in the Middle East” Award from the Arabian Business Magazine and the ceremony was arranged in Dubai. World’s second largest airline alliance is the Sky Team alliance. It was established in 2000. It gives the membership to Saudi Arabian Airlines on 29 May 2012. It is also a recognition of good service provided by the airlines.

First Class Seats:

In First Class, travelers or Passengers enjoy a very distinguished service including Arabic coffee. There are also offers of high-quality dishes & appetizers.

In first class flight, an entertainment system decorated with visuals is offered. At last, several selected customers get a gift box, which contains many comforts or home accessories.

Business Class:

In Business Class, there is an arrangement according to the requirements provided by business owners from Gulf countries. The airline’s authority provides them with convenience at their heart’s content. Travelers or Passengers of business class enjoys the same privileges as the first class has. The benefits enjoyed by business class passengers are in addition to the benefits of the first class.

Hospitality Class:

Hospitality Class of Saudia Airlines has a competitive quality on the available major airlines in the Middle East and around the globe. Hospitality Class seats are also known as Guest Class seats. These are among the most comfortable and congenital in the air nowadays. There will be seat pitches of 34 inches. Here, every seat is arranged with special monitors and other accessories, which may reach not exceeding 9 inches. In addition to those facilities, the remote control will be provided to every passenger with proper flexibility.

Domestic Flights:

In a Domestic Flight through Saudi airlines, every passenger on the Hospitality Class passenger is entitled to have a single piece or substance of weight up to 25 kg. Every travelers or Passenger on the First classes is entitled to a single piece or substance of weight up to 25 kg. Rules for Business Classes are almost similar to first class. Kids have one free piece up to 10 kg, whatever class he or she belongs to. Travelers of First and Business classes are allowed to have a handbag of maximum 115 cm. After that, if he desires to carry another, it will not be more than 100 cm. But it should bear in mind that the total weight of bags should be up to 9 kg. If any Guest Class’s passenger wants, he may carry one piece of luggage or bag which weight must be under 23kg.

For International Flights:

It may be from Saudi to any other foreign countries. The baby of any passenger may have one free piece up to 10 kg, whatever classes he may be. The travelers of Saudi Arabian Airlines, who have Al-Fursan Silver card or Gold card, they are allowed to carry an additional free package which weight must not be exceeding 32 kg. In the case of baggage, rules of domestic flights depending on their class will apply.

Several Distinctive Features:

Saudi airlines have obtained many international awards and recognition from the various authorities for their distinctive features, which you will not get in the other airlines. Suppose, Saudia will provide special cares for every passenger who is patient if it is properly informed to them. Saudia will give you money back guarantee after your payment. They will give you an attractive rate of discount for online payment, which is not given by almost all other airlines of various countries. The airlines will give extra attention to all Hajj and Umrah visa holders. they will provide special assistance and guidance to the pilgrims. Saudia provides only such meals which are legal according to their religion. The most distinctive feature of Saudia is that they have a women-friendly rule regarding seat reservation by women. That means women are allowed to order their seat according to their convenience. Saudia will provide their necessary and proper privacy.

In-Flight Entertainments:

If your travels to any place with the airline, you will be entertained with various services. Here, the passengers of the flight can enjoy various specialized hospitality offered by the airline workers. Travelers can be entertained with a large number of films and TV shows or other programs, mostly in English or any understandable foreign language. Besides this travelers may enjoy music, and in-door games or may spend their times with any personal works. If anyone wants, he can ask for national or international newspapers, and also can buy those at a favorable price.

Meal during Flight:

During the flight, meals offered to passengers in the Saudia Airlines are of many kinds.

High-quality tasty foods are made through a long time preparation as well as taking proper attention to maintain maximum health standards. As a rule meal offered for travelers are of Seafood, Low-fat meal, meals for babies, meals for diabetic patients, the meal of Vegetarian nature, Fasting meal, Liquid type Meal, a meal for Autistic Passengers, European Style Meal, etc. All details and relevant description regarding meal and price of foods are clearly showed or highlighted in the menu.

Baggage policy in Domestic Flight:

In a domestic flight, for First and Business classes, the weight of one baggage must not exceed 32 KG. For the Guest class, the weight of one bag must not exceed 23kg. In the case of infant ticket on all classes weight of one bag cannot be 23kg or more. Any extra baggage is not allowed here. Dimensions of the baggage cannot be more than 158 cm. In case of the dimensions of baggage more than 158 cm, but not exceeding 205 cm, an extra value will be

charged. In the case of dimensions of baggage more than 205 cm, and not possible to fragment, then baggage will be shipped by cargo, After paying for the ticket and making the booking completed, baggage fees will be charged.

Baggage policy in international Flight:

In international flight, the baggage must not more than 23 kg and must be within the Standard Dimension of 158cm. Additional 60 US Dollar will be charged if the baggage is more than 23 kg. More than 23 kg of baggage is treated as oversized baggage. Such oversized baggage cannot be carried in Saudia.

Zamzam Water:

It is to be noted that Saudia accepts a complimentary only 1 gallon of Zamzam water package. This comes from Sogia factory. But that cannot be more than 5 liters for all travelers coming from King Abdulaziz International Airport situated in Jeddah, but it is only as a checked in a protected bag. Besides, on the other side, the rest of travelers traveling from other domestic or international airports are permitted to bring only 1 gallon Zamzam water. This package is of a part of the passenger’s free allowed checked-in baggage.

Prohibited goods:

International Air Transport Association defines several goods as Dangerous. Saudia passengers are not allowed to carry such goods during flight. Saudia takes such an initiative as a safety measure. Saudia allowed up to 23 kg weight of baggage that is for your needfuls. But that doesn’t mean you may carry anything or any substances in your baggage.

There is the strict provision that several elements you may carry and several elements you are unallowed to carry. Suppose any corrosive substance or any detrimental things is prohibited. All items which are used in subversive activities are totally prohibited to carry. you are not allowed to carry such thing for your business or any lawful purpose. It is totally prohibited by Saudia. Even if you want to go USA, Canada or any other Western countries your baggage will be checked with extra or additional attention. Because Saudia authority takes an additional measure to protect themselves and their passengers. So if you want to carry or willing to carry any of such prohibited things, you will responsible for your fate. Your intention is totally out of consideration. Just which thing you want to carry is the matter of consideration by Saudia.

Prohibited Lithium battery:

For the purpose of safety and security of guests, Saudia will not allow any passengers to carry Lithium battery or Lithium battery powered device under the personal control of any travelers. To clarify the issue- some examples of a Lithium battery includes the hoverboard, the air wheel, the balance wheel, etc. Such devices will not be allowed to carry. But in the recent past, it was not prohibited. But with the pace of time, Saudi is no longer allowed to carry it.

Ladies seat reservation:

Ladies are welcomed in Saudia to reserve their seat early. In order for that ladies have to go to the Saudia’s website and order for their desired seats. If she wants Saudia will give her proper privacy. And a reserved seat will be provided for her, that means no man or unknown person will accompany him in the seat of her left or right sides. Generally, Saudia arranges easy boarding pass for women and all checking and scrutinizing of pieces of baggage are regulated

by a women employee of Saudia. For this reason, ladies keep Saudia at their first choice in the time of traveling abroad and in the time of traveling alone.

Video guidance:

Besides all important pieces of information writing on the website, Saudia keeps several videos on their websites. In such videos, you will get desired directions regarding ticket booking, online check-in, and several important application procedures. Such videos are very helpful for passengers or travelers. By viewing these videos passengers can learn how to order their ticket and how to get Saudia’s services very easily. These videos are of HD quality narrating in understandable English. So any generally educated person can understand what the video wants to direct.

Cabin Crew:

From the starting of Saudia in 1945, Saudia has marched forward because of the large number of the efficient and intelligent cabin crew. They are of travelers beck and call. They are highly educated and well trained. They serve customers with their efficiency, that’s why customer express their ultimate satisfaction to Saudia authority. One of the interesting things is that being a cabin crew is only allowed for non-Saudi citizens. Citizens of Saudi are not allowed to be a cabin crew of Saudia.

Any Cabin Crew willing person has to have a minimum high School Degree in order to apply for that post. Obeying Saudi tradition wearing a hijab woman are cordially welcomed. One important thing is that in the time of performing the job as Cabin Crew, no visible tattoos are allowed in the body of the cabin crew. Here women who cover their head by curtain are welcomed to be employed. Saudi airline’s passengers come from various countries, so English as an international language is used here for communication. That’s why to be a cabin crew minimum knowledge in English is mandatory. To be a Cabin Crew anyone must have a minimum 212-centimeter arm. It will be counted according to the standard chart of Saudi relating to height.

Boarding Pass:

The most attractive feature of Saudia is hassle-free boarding pass system. To get boarding pass easily, passengers are requested to report or inform to the baggage counter for their traveling.

Passengers have to present at the boarding gate at least one hour before the scheduled departure. Then they have an obligation to produce their passport, photo and other relevant documents to the airlines’ authority. In violation of this condition, Saudi has the right to deny the passenger from boarding. Generally, Saudia takes the cause of not producing document into consideration, if you show sufficient reason.

Health Issues:

Generally, health-related issues don’t arise in the time of applying for Visa. But in several situations, airlines authority may require you to present a medical certificate from a competent doctor. The validity of the medical certificate is the maximum period of 10 days. Medical certificate is necessary in following cases- if you are a patient of communicable disease, if it seems to the airlines authority that the person will not be able to complete his flight without such a medical assistance which the airlines authority can’t provide, if the patient is of such a nature which may cause any problem or embarrassment to other passengers. Saudi Airlines permits up to 250 kg patients needfuls. Such 250 kg is totally free of charge. If a passenger has a disease of respiratory problem and if it is informed by him to the authority, Saudia may provide free oxygen service during the flight. This oxygen service system is regulated by a person efficient in it. If such patient needs any special type of food, the Saudia will try to manage such foods. Any person willing to travel may download medical information form and submit it after filling the form if he wants to get medical assistance during the flight.


Dress code:

Saudi Airlines has a strict dress code for all of their passengers or travelers. Women must be covered their arms and legs.

One thing should be borne in mind that wearing clothes has not to be too tight to transparent the body. Even for Men wearing shorts are not allowed. Saudia will refuse to allow you for boarding pass unless you change your clothes according to their rules. All these dress codes are maintained according to their religious norms.


Saudia is very sensitive to its customers’ interest. There is a provision of fines applicable to workers or employees of Saudia. if, for his negligence, any customer suffers. Saudia does not tolerate the sufferings of its customers. For that reason, the provision is kept that the worker or employee will be fined up to 50000 Saudi riyals if his negligence is proved. Even fine is applicable for those workers who do not obey the regulations provided by Saudi airlines. In addition to this, the compensation payable to the customers shall be paid by the negligent workers or employees.

Haj and Umrah Visa:

Guests of the airlines who holds Umrah Visa willing to perform Umrah may book their ticket through online. The ticket will be issued automatically. They may book and issue tickets of any cabin classes available in Saudia. Saudia Airline’s guests holding Hajj visa, willing to perform Hajj going Saudi, may book their ticket is not allowed to book bay contacting nearest Saudia office. Any certified travel agencies in this regard who has the approval of the Saudi Hajj ministry may do all preparations. Such persons holding Umrah & Hajj visa are not allowed in code-shared flights operated by airlines other than Saudia. But such guests are allowed to enter into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through all International Airports situated in Saudi Arab. Persons willing to perform Hajj are entitled to get the Hajj visa. Hajj visa issuance is free of charge. But persons holding hajj visa have to pay for airlines guides, and for their accommodation. To apply for Hajj visa anyone has to have a valid passport with at least 6 months validity. In the passport, they must have at least two adjacent empty visa pages. For payment, each pilgrim has to produce two certified checks. Children are also allowed to herewith their parents. But children’s name and details must be included in the passport of their parents. Saudi government launched a website-, for the convenience of the peoples willing to perform Hajj and Umrah. Besides this, all pilgrims have to be checked under the authority of embassies & consulates of Saudi Arabia situated in many countries. On violation of any rules formulated by the Saudi Hajj ministry, the airlines shall not take into consideration any complaint regarding any complexity.

Entry & Exit for Umrah:

The best entry and exit route for Umrah visa holders are the King Khalid International Airport situated in Riyadh. Besides the airport, King Abdulaziz International Airport of Jeddah or Prince Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz Airport of Madinah perform excellent service for pilgrims. Umrah performing persons who take the entry from King Abdulaziz International Airport or Prince Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz Airport should exit only from those two airports without passing through any other airports situated in Saudi. Umrah performing persons who take their

entrance from King Khalid International Airport and King Fahd International Airport may exit from those airports without going through any other airports situated in Saudi. But one thing should be borne in mind that Umrah and Hajj are two different occasions. So performing Hajj is not permitted to only Umrah Visa Holders.

Instructions or Directions:

In the case of Hajj and Umrah visa holders, Saudia will give free instructions or directions for their convenience. If these travelers want to book the hotel, nearest to the airport, Saudi airlines will help them in this regard. Even if, they want any traveling guides Saudia authority arranges such. This directions or instructions are totally free of cost. Saudia has an efficient team to do this job. But the cost of the hotel or cost of any conveyance has to be paid by the passenger himself. If any inconvenience or disturbance happens, Saudia authority so there will not take the responsibility of search complexities. But the reality is that if you book a hotel or use traveling guidance under the authority of Saudia, no problem you have to be faced. Because Saudia team has experienced Persons in this regard.

Regular travelers :

In the time of Hajj or Umrah, if any person wants to go to Saudi Arabia or any other place through Saudia, they will get a visit visa. in case of a visit visa, you will get the amenities of a general passenger. Using this visit visa you may get the benefit of going home and abroad at your convenience. you may travel in any available destinations through the aircraft of Saudia. No extra charges or any additional fees will be applicable on visit visa. Just your visa will be marked as visit visa. This visit visa holders have the right to enter and exit from any recognized airport and get general benefits or advantages offered by Saudia. Even seat selection policies or any time to time offers are also applicable in case of visit visa holders.

Additional baggage Charge:

If you want to pay in pre-paid terms for any additional baggage going to be carried by you, you may do this through Saudia’s website. Even here is a benefit for you. If you pay such additional charges by your credit card you will get 40% discount instantly. But you have to fulfill the condition. Firstly you have to pay with your credit card and you have to pay online. If after paying this charges you change the decision of carrying additional baggage, you may inform the authority accordingly. And after informing so, they will pay the money back to you. Generally, it is expedient to calculate your baggage weight, then you submit the order. Thus you will be benefited. Otherwise, you have to cancel the order and wait sometimes to get the money back if you orders without proper thinking.

Special Care:

If any passenger wants to get any special care which the Saudia generally doesn’t provide, he may apply for any special help. Just he has to go to the website of Saudia and click on the help button and submit his request mentioning all details and nature of the help. After getting service request Saudia will give their response as early as possible. As a rule, if the special help is of such a nature that Saudia may provide it easily, then it is almost sure that Saudia will provide you with such help. But one thing is important – you have to mention all the details and cause of your special needs. if it is possible for you, you may have a telephone conversation with the Saudi authority for your assistance.


Correction of information:

There is a famous tale that “to err is human.” so it is natural to make a mistake in the time of filling any form. If any mistake is found after submitting any application to Saudia then you have to contact with them. Back you have to go in mind that erecting your information after submitting it booking order is not possible in case of team ticket booking from any correction after submission is not possible in that case you may refuse your flight and refund your money but in the other cases suppose in special care form for in in additional baggage policy form you may correct your information by contacting with them. But the best to is there you revise the form repeatedly before submitting this form to Saudia and enjoy a hassle-free service.

Available payment methods:

Saudia authority allows both virtual and offline payment methods. Suppose you may pay by your cash through offline. For this, you have to go to the airline’s authority, Saudi embassy or consulate situated in your country and pay for your air-tickets. In case of online, you may order your tickets from your bedroom. For this, you have to go to Saudia’s website and pay from your virtual card, like- credit card, debit card, Visa card or MasterCard. And you will get your ticket online and you will get in your email all the details of your flight. in case of online, in payment through Saudia’s website, you will get a special discount depending on your order. In all case, you will get your desired seats or the same advantages both in online and offline.

Rules Regarding Sports Equipment:

Saudia airlines don’t prohibit any sports types of equipment. Suppose, football, hockey stick, Bat is allowed in the airlines. That means you may carry that equipment for personal purpose or for commercial purpose. But you have to be borne in mind that for the purpose of carrying that equipment Saudia will apply an extra charge if any of your sports equipment is wider than 25 cm. In that case, you have to pay an extra one hundred US Dollar. You may pay these extra fees on both online and offline. To avoid any complexity you may mention your sports equipment in the time of booking your air-ticket. Then Saudia will inform you about your additional fees. But remember this additional fee has to be paid before your flight.

Electronic Devices Carrying:

Every electronic device which are not used for any subversive activities are allowed to carry with any passengers or travelers. That means you may bring or send through Saudia any electronic device for your necessity. Suppose – television, camera, computer or any other electronic things you may carry with you in a flight with Saudia. But you cannot carry a single substance or any electronic device which are used for any subversive or terror activities. Saudi authority will check your baggage thoroughly before your flight. If any illegal electronic substance is found in any of your baggage or with you, you will not get the boarding pass. Please remember that the general baggage policy of different classes is also applicable in case of electronic devices carriage. Suppose you are a passenger of gift class that means when you want to carry any electronic device the baggage policy of guest class will be applied to you. Any other extra rules or regulations are not applicable in case of carrying electronic devices.

Customer’s Review:

A traveler from United Kingdom named D. Sharma travels through Saudia, on 19th May 2019, from London to Dhaka via Jeddah. His honest review was very positive. His comment was -“Food served on flight was good”, “cabin crews were also helpful to him”. His Seat Type was of

Economy Class. A regular Traveler from Germany named Wolfgang Bock visited Riyadh to Munich on 2nd May 2019. His review was that “excellent service and great seats”. His seat type was of Business Class. Hector Gomez, a citizen of Spain travels from Sharm El Sheikh to Dubai via Jeddah, through Saudia’s aircraft. He describes his Great experience by saying amazing legroom with really comfy seats. His Seat Type was of Economy Class, if you need taxi booking online