In Mecca City of Saudi Arabia, there is a slope nearly at Sarawat mountains. The place is named Taif. Based on the size of the cities of Saudi Arabia, it is in 5th position. Unofficially you may tell Taif the summer capital of Saudi Arabia.

Riyadh to Taif Flights:

Regional Airport in Taif:

There is only one airport in Taif named Taif regional airport.This airport allows only flights of the national route. That means by using this airport you may go from one place of Saudi Arabia to another place of Saudi. But if you wanna go abroad generally this airport is not for you. From the eastern part, Taif regional airport is 30 kilometers away from Taif and 70 kilometers away from Mecca. This airport is designed for having the ability to manage a large number of flights. It offers national as well as international flights on a small scale.

Although its name is regional airport now more than 12 countries allow their aircraft to land in this airport. From this point of view, this airport is not different from any international airport. one of the advantages of this airport is that it is operated by the Saudi military. So the security system and flight management of this airport are excellent in comparison with other airports of home and abroad. This airport allows 4800 feet of elevation facilities.

If you wanna travel from Taif to Riyadh, you must go through this airport. If you choose Saudia for traveling from Taif to Riyadh, you’ll get a variety of schedules. For this route, Soudia has available flights. This flight from Taif to Riyadh is a national flight, so all rules and regulations of a national flight are applicable here.

There is no large scale difference between the temperature of Taif and that of Riyadh. If you wanna go from Taif to Riyadh no extra preparation to cope up with the temperature is needed. If any extra preparation is necessary, on an urgent basis, Saudia will inform you long before your flight. And you will get a chance to take necessary steps before flying. Available flight schedule of Saudia are- 01:10 am to 02:35 am, 07:50 am to 09:15 am,09:55 am to 11:20 am, 02:30 pm to 03:55 pm, etc


Places worth Seeing:

There is a large park in Taif called al rudaf Park, which is created naturally, but here artificial beauty has been added. Because the trees of this park are bestowed with the beautiful granite rocks, which is man-made. Taif is famous for its agricultural resources. Taif is a small but populated city under the Mecca Province, which is situated in the southwestern part of Saudi Arabia. Most attractive part of Taif is the Regional Museum of Taif. Here you’ll find artifacts of Islamic, pre-Islamic, and recent periods. The name of this regional museum is shubra palace. It is located in an ancient building of 1900. This building was used by the former king of Saudi Arabia named Abdul Aziz, who had used this palace for his lodging.

List of Hotels in Taif

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