Riyadh To Dubai Flights

Want go to traveling with your cohorts? Dubai is the most convenient place of entertainment for you. Here you will get hundreds of ways of entertainment for the people of all ages and people of all classes. In the United Arab Emirates, the largest and the most attractive city is Dubai. Every year many travelers or visitors visit here for commercial or traveling purpose. In recent years, travelers from many countries are visiting the world’s largest shopping mall named The Dubai Mall. Peoples from all corners of the world, including Hajj and umrah performers, are coming here for shopping. From time immemorial, Dubai is famous for its own architectural beauty. Many visitors would like to visit the world’s tallest architecture Burj Khalifa, which is the tallest structure of the world. You may visit Dubai for the purpose of traveling. If you travel to Dubai for entertainment purpose be sure, such traveling will give you great pleasure.



Airports to be gone through:

If you wanna visit from Riyadh to Dubai, you’ll be familiar with two airports. Firstly, King Khalid international airport situated in Riyadh and Dubai international airport of Dubai. Dubai has also another airport but the flights from Riyadh lands generally in the Dubai international airport. The airport is situated in Garhoud district of Dubai. the Dubai international airport established on 3100 acres of land. From the perspective of international passenger traffic, the Dubai international airport is in the third position, and from the perspective of cargo carriage, it is in 6th position. That means people use Dubai international airport not only for their traveling but also for carrying their goods. Much of the year the temperature of Dubai and Riyadh are same, but at the starting of a New Year the temperature of the Riyadh is very cool but the temperature of Dubai is drastically hot.

Weather & Currencies of Two Places:

If you’re gonna travel from Riyadh to Dubai at the time of starting of the year, remember, you should take some extra preparations to cope up with the temperature of Dubai. It is for your betterment. Here another thing should be borne in mind, which is the currency of Dubai, that is Dirham if you are about to going Dubai you must have preparations to exchange your bucks into Dirham. An advantage of using this airport is that the Dubai international airport is famous for its low-cost carriage in the comparison of other airports. Even they have supporting staffs efficient in it. In the case of flight from Riyadh to Dubai, there are available schedules. One interesting thing is that if your passport is of Saudi Arabia then and the extra facility is for you, that is, you need no visa to travel from Riyadh to Dubai. So if you want to fly from Riyadh to Dubai, being a Saudi citizen just you need to buy your ticket and fly. But for the rest of the peoples, visa and other documents are mandatory. Flight from Riyadh to Dubai it will be treated as an international fight in the eye of aviation law. So you should be borne in mind the rules regulations of both countries. You should follow the carriage rules, dress codes and other rules and regulations of Saudi and Dubai.

Time and Cost:

If you gonna fly with Saudia you’ll get the most convenient flight schedules, such as- at only $313 time schedules are 6:25am – 9:25am,7:00am – 11:55am, 9:20am – 12:20pm, 11:35am – 2:30pm, 1:45pm – 4:45pm, etc. But the price of a ticket will be changed according to your classes of seats. You may visit in any of those time schedules at your heart’s content. Before starting the journey facilities or amenities will be dependent on the airport in which you’re waiting for your flight. Don’t be worried. Both the airports of Saudi and Dubai will provide you the most convenient facilities, so nothing to be bored. But after starting your journey it will totally depend on the airlines in which aircraft you are traveling. in case of Saudia, they will provide you all kinds of facilities at your convenience. If you need any extra facilities out of common Saudia will provide you such facilities also. So don’t forget the name of the best airlines- Saudia, in your Riyadh to Dubai flight.

Information of Riyadh to Dubai Flights

Aerial distance 872 KM
Total flights from Riyadh to Dubai in a week 398 flights
First Flight Emirates 816 , departs at 03:55 AM
Last Flight Air Mauritius 9953 , departs at 09:15 PM
Popular Airlines from Riyadh to Dubai Emirates, Saudi Arabian Air, Aeroflot Russian Airlines, FlyNas Airlines, Saudi Gulf Airlines, Flydubai, Malaysia Airlines, Sky Pearl, China Southern, and Air Mauritius
Shortest Time of flights from Riyadh to Dubai 01h 45m
Airport codes flights from Riyadh to Dubai Riyadh-RUH, Dubai-DXB

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