Saudi Arabia, if you know, is one of the richest countries in the world. One thing that many of us do not about this nation is that it is also one of those nations, who actually worked hard on commercializing the aviation industry, along with providing the best facilities to the people. With the same view itself the Royal family, along with the government of Saudi Arabia started Saudi airlines in the year 1945, and today, more than 50 years since its installation, it is a money spinning machine.


The most amazing fact about Saudi airlines is that along with concentrating on the international level, they have also provided excellent airline services to African, Gulf and Middle Eastern countries. Actually in these sectors, would not find anyone better than them. Saudi airlines bookings to Ankara, Jordan, Egypt, and Ethiopia etc are always booked in advance and never have room in them. Moreover with a fleet of Airbus and Boeing jets, which could create waves of jealousy within its competitors, and their commendable onboard services, Saudi airlines have won many fans and hearts all across the world. This can be very much evident by the fact that since the year 2003, the profits have only been showing movements in the positive quadrant of the graph. Also Saudi airlines flights to Ankara are no different! The best facilities at the most affordable rates!

Talking about the city of Ankara, it is the capital of Turkey and second largest city in the country. Saudi airlines are the best that you can opt for too. Turkey as we all know is one of the largest and sought after destinations by tourists all across the world, and Ankara being its capital, gets to receive most of the attention. Hence Saudi airlines flights to Ankara are almost full all through the year. The city if Ankara has many things to offer to a tourist. It is an amalgamation of Roman, Greek, Hittite, Ottoman and many more cultures. The museum of Turkey, Column of Julianus, National Assembly, Atakule tower, Ethnography museum etc are the most visited sites here. Moreover, there are numerous restaurants and hotels, which serve you the authentic Turkish meals, which no one can resist. Saudi airlines flights to Ankara is almost filled with tourists, during all the times of the year.

One always wants the best for the money that they spend, because the human tendency is such. So, while on a trip to turkey, if you are on any of the Saudi airlines to Ankara, one that that would be definite when you get out of the plane is that you would be both happy and content, and satisfied that you got much, much more value for the money that you spend.

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