When the Wright brothers actually designed and made the first aircraft, little would they have known that they are gifting to the world a big phenomenon, for which, all the coming generations would be thankful to them. Today’s modern day airplanes are much different than the first ever airplane built, but then still the baton was carried forward and today we have an easier mode of transportation. Something that was just a dream some hundred and fifty years back!


With a history that dates back to more than 50 years, Saudi airlines are also one of the most sought after company. Its fleet of airplanes is jam packed with the biggest and the latest editions of Boeing and Air busses and their number easily ranging above hundred. Using this large convoy if itself, it promises to take its passengers to all the possible locations on the six continents. One of its major strength is its networking in Gulf and African nations. You would hardly find any other airline carrier as dedicated and efficient in this circle. Saudi airlines bookings to Alexandria and similar provinces would scarcely have even one seat empty.

Talking about Alexandria, it was the capital of old Egypt, established by Alexander the great, for almost 2000 years. Later, the Muslim invasion happened and then the capital was shifted to Fustat, now Cairo. As far as sightseeing at the place is concerned, it can be compared to a gourmet’s delight. The city still is host to monuments and sculptors and structures that belong to the most earliest civilizations on earth. There are palaces, and religious places and relics of holy places pertaining to three of the world’s largest religions, Christianity, Islam and Judaism. Moreover the world’s largest library is here in Alexandria. Also the national museum, the Roman Pompey’s Pillar, statue of Alexander with Nike and its numerous squares are some of the landmarks, which attract tourists from across the world.

Saudi airlines flights to Alexandria is by far the best airline that you can get to this city. That is because other airlines do not have much frequencies or facilities as far as flights to this part of the world is concerned. So the next time you think about a tour or a vacation to Egypt or rather Alexandria, hopping on to any of the Saudi airlines to Alexandria would be your best possible option.


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