Baggage Policy:

Like all other international airlines, Saudia Airlines has a little bit strict baggage policies of their own.The Baggage Policy determines how many or much luggage one can take or have in a flight. The rules are as follows


It should bear in mind that all airlines including Saudia are regulated by updated security laws of the Gulf countries. In the case of several Gulf countries, it is necessary to give airline authority access to traveler’s related personal data.



  1. -A handbag or a bag of any kind is allowed the weight of up to 7 kg.

  2. -On-demand, Guest Class travelers can have two pieces of luggage weighing not exceeding 23kg.

  3. -On-demand, First Class and Business Class passengers can carry two different luggage of not exceeding 32kg.

  4. -The dimensions of space of each luggage, in any case, shall not exceed 158 cm.

  5. -If anyone wants to travel with a child, he may have free luggage not exceeding 23 kg.



For up to 45 kgs baggage an additional 100 US dollar will be charged. If any baggage exceeds 45 kgs, that are not treated as checked baggage, then it will be shipped as cargo. Without flight from or to the United States, any European countries, and Canada maximum allowance for one passenger is only 32 KG. Any baggage more than of 32 kgs is not be treated as checked baggage and that will be shipped through cargo.

Cabin Baggage:

Besides the system of free baggage allowance, Saudi Airlines generally allows its passenger to carry a piece of hand baggage under his control and supervision. It is totally cost free. On free of cost, such baggage is to be placed in the closed overhead rack of the aircraft. In the other option, it may be placed under the seat in front of the travelers. The cabin baggage tag or sign will be labeled on such baggage. In the case of the passengers from the USA or Canada to any middle east countries, only one carry-on baggage is allowed for him.

But it should be borne in mind that in all class of services the cabin baggage must not be more than 16 pounds in weight. And in all class of services, the cabin baggage must not be more than 45 inches in dimensions. Saudia retains the discretion or power to change the rule regarding this cabin baggage policy, for purpose of the safety and security of their passengers.

Special baggage policy:

In some events, elder passengers or passengers with physical informative wants to carry special baggage containing wheelchair or organ dialysis device or any device essential for their physical call tissue Saudia generally authorizes search special baggage. But the passengers have to inform the Saudia airlines about their special baggage. And such special baggage will be checked by the security personnel of the airlines. Another important thing is that special baggage must be used by the person without any hassle of another passenger. And the elements of special baggage must be kept in the storeroom of the aircraft. It also should be borne in mind that any prohibited substance shall not be allowed to carry in special baggage.


Patient Baggage:

In order to get the benefit of patient baggage, the patient must have to provide a copy of the relevant medical report having hospital stamp form a competent doctor. After that, the report will be approved by Saudia mentioning that the passenger is entitled to get Patient Baggage facilities. But Patient Baggage facilities isn’t granted in several flights, like- flights operated by any other airlines, Private aviation service, and any other Promotional Fares. The patient must have to ensure that necessary solutions or other needfuls are packed in his extra baggage. In other, he may prove that special containers are necessary for preventing liquid leakage. By this process, customer service agents or any other authorized person at the airport can receive the baggage. If the patient exceeds the number of allowed free baggage then on the exceeds baggage fees will be charged.


Baggage claim form:

Every day thousands of passengers are using Saudia’s aircraft. Thousands of people have an entry at the airport. So losing any baggage is not improbable happenings. If your baggage is lost or any of your particulars is lost, you may claim your baggage or particulars to Saudia. For this, you have to fill up a form in Saudia’s website which is called baggage claim form. In this form, you have to mention all details like- the time of love, the nature of baggage, the things which were in the baggage. If you make such application Saudia will try their best to find out your baggage or your particulars. If they are able to find out that, they will inform you instantly. You will get your baggage without any extra cost. Even the negligence of any staff of Saudia is found, such staff will be punished with up to 50,000 Saudi riyals fine. But the reality is that Saudia’s arrangement is of such a nature that there is a very lower possibility to lose any of your baggage or particulars. If your baggage is mishandled, that means if your baggage is taken by another person or if you take the baggage of another by mistake, you have to inform this to Saudia Portacabin. The airlines will resolve the issue as soon as possible.